A modern, versatile trainer with outstanding performance. The 'C42' as it's commonly known is a high wing aircraft built in Germany by Comco Ikarus. First flown in 1996 it has proven it's self to be a brilliant training aircraft throughout the world with more than 1200 sold many to flying schools wanting a robust and reliable trainer. It is one of the most popular training aircraft around.
C42 facts: 
Wing span: 9.45m
Empty weight: 280kg
Max.take off weight 472.5kg
Load factors +4g / -2g
Gliding ratio 11:1
Luggage capacity 15 kg
Fuel tank capacity 65  litres
Engine Rotax 912UL (80 & 100hp)
Never exceed speed (VNE) 121 kts
Maximum level speed (VH) 82 kts
Cruising speed (VNO) 80 kts
Stall speed (VSO) 35 kts
Rate of climb (VY) 850 fpm
Service ceiling 15000’
Take off roll 100 m.
Landing roll 150 m
Average fuel consumption 10 - 12 l/h
Potential Range 375 nm