Advanced Flying

Flight Sport Aviation is owned by a group of flying enthusiasts whose primary role is to get you in the air. For the more adventurous pilot or student we also offer Advanced Flying training including: advanced navigation, flying through Europe, international airspace and traffic control, flight plan filing, touring, farm strip flying as well as dealing with emergency procedures.

Visiting new airfields

After you have obtained your license and completed our flying lessons you will wish to leave your training area and explore the country. One of the most daunting challenges facing the newly qualified pilot is to land away at new airfields. Flight Sport Aviation can help you with this challenge by firstly preparing the flight with you and secondly by acting as a safety pilot for the flight itself. If you have any concerns about flying to a new location then do not hesitate to get in touch either for advice or for instruction.

Unusual attitudes and emergency situations

Whilst the abinitio flight training covers unusual attitudes and emergency situations we believe it is very important for a pilot to keep these skills alive with frequent training. An hour with one of our instructors will help to keep these skills current and help you to stay safe.

Farm strips

One of the delights of flying in the UK is the abundance of short grass strips that you can visit. Landing and taking off on narrow, short and rough runways can be challenging and we recommend training to deal with this type of situation. The aircraft we use for training have exceptional short take off and landing runway requirements and we can help you to get in and out of the shortest strips.


Flight Sport Aviation are experts in overseas touring in light aircraft and microlights. We regularly give flying lessons as part of a tour across Europe where you can build your skills, hours and confidence with one of our experienced instructors. We also operate our flying school and give flying lessons in Spain over winter. Please contact us for more details of flying tours or flying lessons in Spain.