About us

Flight Sport Aviation is one of Europe’s leading and yet affordable pilot training and light sport aircraft hire organisations.

If you’re looking to experience flight for the first time or are an experienced pilot looking to hone your skills, we are here to help.

Based on the South East Coast we fly in some of the most beautiful and unrestricted environments in the UK and with airfields just a short hop from Brighton and Ashford we are the perfect place to begin your flying adventure.

Tom Harding


Tom started his career with the RAF (GSA). He quickly progressed to flying Tiger Moths for the London Gliding Club. He ran a Gliding Club in Wales before starting his commercial training and subsequently became a commercial pilot for many large airlines. He has in excess of 20,000 flying hours and still maintains his passion for gliding.

Tony Berryman


Tony learnt to glide in 1970 with the ATC followed by a Flying Scholarship in 1971. After commercial training at Hamble in 1973 he some time spent flying Air Taxi and an HS125 jet; he started Airline flying in 1977. Tony has been a Flying Instructor since 1975 and has flown 69 aircraft types with over 27,500 flying hours. These range from the Comet, BAC1-11, Boeing 737, 747, 767, Airbus A320 to the Turbulent and C42 Ikarus with Tiger Moth instructing along the way. Tony has been involved with Training and Examining on the  Boeing 737 and Airbus A320. He now owns a share in a Deanland based Jodel where he has a particular interest in Farm strip flying and enjoying the sights and scenery around Deanland and the South Coast which is a great area in which to learn to fly. His aim is to give the highest standard of instruction for our students and also to encourage the qualified pilot to try something new.

Chris Childs


Chris is a highly experienced microlight instructor with over 7,000 hours of dual instruction. Chris is also an examiner with over 30 years of experience in this branch of aviation.


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